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the Nouveal culture

At Nouveal, we all share the same people-oriented managerial philosophy and vision. Our day-to-day work is all about Agility, involving stand-up meetings, R&D days, demonstrations and a relentless effort to innovate with a capital “i”!

“We’re right at the start of the e-fitback journey. The future is ours to build together”

Co-founders of Nouveal

Co-fondateurs de Nouveal


Via our Research and Development unit


To better adapt to our clients’ needs


True techies at heart, our work is also our passion

General Management

Guillaume Fayolle


A techie through and through with an avid interest in how technology is used in business, Guillaume has the kind of eye for detail that is vital to the success of any e-health project, as well as having a keen eye for spotting future innovation opportunities.

Alexandre Falzon


First and foremost an entrepreneur, Alexandre was eager to adopt an innovative managerial philosophy based on collaboration and participation with a view to making e-fitback the solution of the future.

Sales Department

Ophélie Lelièvre

Sales Engineer

Daring and determined, Ophélie participates in each of the company's commercial activities.

Sébastien Bourrat

Sales Manager

As a true brand ambassador, Sébastien represents Nouveal e-health at events right across France and makes customers' satisfaction his primary concern.

Claudia Brossard

Sales Engineer

Rational and committed, Claudia brings her analytical skills to the sales department and always seeks the best compromise.

Project Management & Consultants

Priscilla Ohling

e-health Consultant

Thorough, Priscilla brings her regulatory expertise to the company and guides you in the implementation and use of e-fitback.

Agnès Briard

e-health Consultant

A dream-driven startupper at heart, but nonetheless highly pragmatic, Agnès is motivated by innovation and provides day-to-day implementation support for the e-fitback solution.

Julien Jameau

Product Manager

The ever-attentive Julien studies our clients’ needs in order to find the most appropriate solutions. He is also the key point-of-contact for interoperability issues.

Amélie Tortel

e-health Manager

Amélie has promoted the e-fitback concept right from the very start, and works hand-in-hand with the whole team to offer an ever-more efficient solution.

Camille Stefanuto

e-health Consultant

Mindful and calm, Camille answers to all your technical and functional concerns about e-fitback.

Sophie Lo Picollo

e-health Consultant

Enthusiastic and cheerful, Sophie is an experienced consultant and brings her comprehensive e-health vision to the teams and e-fitback.

Design Department

Adèle Girard

UI/UX Designer

Adèle has outstanding creative talent and knows just what end-users want – two valuable skills she puts to good use making e-fitback’s visual tools look stunning.

Mégane Moreira

UI/UX Designer

An illustrator in her spare time, Mégane focuses on designing web and mobile interfaces that make our apps easier and more fluid to use.

HR & Administration Department

Émilie Dinale

HR & Administration Manager

Extremely detail-oriented, Émilie manages the firm’s accounts and all things HR-related.

Alexandra Boudier

Administrative Assistant

Alexandra is always quick off the mark and offers precious support to the Communications Division, for whom she takes care of employer branding.

Marketing and Communication Department

Michaël Ponderant

Marketing & Communication Manager

Calm and balanced, Michaël orchestrates Nouveal e-health’s presence at events, as well as handling relations with our corporate partners.

Brian Huvet

Marketing & Communication Assistant

As a true community manager, Brian manages contents across all our social media channels and promotes our values outside the company.

Margot Louro

Marketing & Communication Assistant

Dynamic and keen, Margot masters the CRM from her fingertips and assists Michael in the company’s marketing actions.

Technical & Development Department

Loïc Lesobre

Technical Expert

As a true seasoned .Net veteran, Loïc shares his expertise within the department and contributes daily to the improvement of e-fitback.

Mathieu Tarnot

Lead Developer

Music lover and passionate, Mathieu is Loïc's right-hand man and is an organized and yet curious .Net developer.

Jean-Christophe Gérard

Technical Director

A consummate workaholic, Jean-Christophe is an outstanding software architect who has been part of the team since the very start when e-fitback’s first line of code was written.

Fabien Mention

Lead Developer

Jean-Christophe’s right-hand man, Fabien is second in command when it comes to industrializing R&D innovations. He manages the project teams and ensures that good development practices are followed.

Luc Rousset

.Net Engineer

With his unfailling good mood, Luc is an experimented and serious developer gifted with analytical skills he shares with the whole team.

Dominique Phan

Android Engineer

Dynamic and curious, Dominique assists Samuel in the development of e-fitback on Android technologies to refine the app.

Joris Lenclume

.Net Engineer

Discreet, serious and patient, Joris is the man who read every last line of the HL7 standard and is behind its subsequent implementation.

Samuel Gaillard

Android Engineer

A perfectionist with a critical eye, Samuel always thinks before he acts, and his extensive experience means he has a lot to bring to the e-fitback application.

Kevin Machado

iOS Engineer

Energetic and passionate about all things Apple, Kevin brings his upbeat attitude and enthusiasm to his lines of e-fitback code. Could he imagine doing something other than e-fitback? Not a chance!

Jonathan Arnal

iOS Engineer

Dynamic, upbeat and mad about technology but nonetheless with a serious side, Jonathan knows that jobs can never wait. He’s committed to always delivering on time without ever compromising on quality.

Life at Nouveal

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