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e-fitback: from the Proof of Concept to a Comprehensive Solution

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30/03/2017 - Nouveal e-health

Before becoming an e-health software publisher, Nouveal was a software firm specialized in mobile engineering and UI/UX design, offering custom-made services meeting companies’ business needs.

Meeting Capio France

The e-fitback project has begun when the cofounders of Nouveal, Alexandre Falzon and Guillaume Fayolle, responded to a call to tender from the French branch of the Swedish group of private clinics: Capio. In November of 2015, Nouveal’s cofounders revealed the beginning of the project during an interview led by Bref Eco. One month later, in December of 2015, Nouveal makes it official by publishing a press release introducing Capio, European pioneer in outpatient surgery, and e-fitback: the remote patient monitoring solution before and after the hospitalization as part of ambulatory surgery.

Read the press release (French only): “Nouveal attracts Capio”


A few days later Capio makes the contract with Nouveal official as well through a press release of its own, giving some more details about e-fitback and the scope of its initial features, that is to say: the pre-hospitalization phase, including patients’ physical and cognitive preparation, and preadmission; the post-hospitalization phase covering the remote follow-up via questionnaires and real-time alerts; and the connection between hospital and town medicine, that is to say opening specific data to physicians and other paramedical professionals in order to optimize patients’ care during their entire care pathway.

Read the press release (French only): “Capio partners Nouveal”


e-fitback to enhance ambulatory surgery

At the very beginning, the e-fitback solution was designed to follow up patients before and after their operation in day surgery. More precisely, this digital solution takes part in the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) program. This program has been created following the transposition of a European directive, known in France under n°DGOS/R3/2015/296 (French only) from September 28th of 2015 on objectives and strategic orientations of the 2015-2020 national plan for ambulatory surgery.

Although e-fitback was originally conceived for patients’ follow-up in outpatient surgery, the solution has been developed in a certain way so it can adapt to any kind of follow-up, for any disease, and any discipline: chronic diseases, oncology, psychiatry, and many more…


First tests and users’ feebacks on e-fitback.

After 3 months of intensive developments, the very first version of e-fitback was implemented in two clinics of the Capio group, the Cèdres clinic and the Sauvegarde clinic in the region of Toulouse. This first version featured part of the pre-hospitalization and the whole post-hospitalization phase.

After several months of use in different clinics and, in an end-user-oriented approach to constantly improve e-fitback, Nouveal e-health could collect the first feedbacks from end-users (patients and healthcare professionals) about the application and take them into account to make it ever more ergonomic and intuitive.


e-fitback around the world

Little by little, this patient follow-up solution (that is now complete) is implemented in the 22 clinics of the Capio group (in France, and soon in the rest of Europe) as well as in other centers on the national territory. Besides, e-fitback is beginning to go global with a first contract signed with MV Santé, a Swiss group of private clinics, plus Nouveal’s participation in the international startups acceleration program: Big Booster. More recently, Nouveal e-health also finished among the top 5 in the EIT Digital Challenge in the healthcare category (out of 136 applications), the biggest European scaleup contest.


Moreover, the enthusiasm the e-fitback solution provoked among healthcare centers and professionals has given Nouveal e-health the opportunity to win several prizes and to close its first fundraising campaign.

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