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e-fitback, for which medical fields?

Ambulatory surgery & ERAS

Reducing the length of the hospital stay and turning the patient into the main actor of his healing process.

Chronic diseases

Encouraging the patient’s commitment and creating a strong, long-lasting connection.


Accompanying the patient throughout his therapeutic education and identifying the early signs of relapse.


Optimizing and establishing a secure basis for patient care by providing medical consultancy, prevention and communication.

e-fitback, for which users?

For healthcare professionals

Submit interactive content (questionnaires, checklists, videos)

Improve and structure patient care

Automatic detection of high-risk situations

Analyze the follow-up quality, re-admission rates and patient’s satisfaction

For patients

Manage pre-admission from home
suivi postopératoire à distance

Get informed and better prepared before hospitalization

Get involved into the care pathway

Communicate with the medical staff through a secure messaging network

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To what extent can you use e-fitback? What are the technical prerequisites to implement it? How does Nouveal e-health can help establishments by providing this digital assistant for medical follow-up? Our e-health consultants reply to healthcare professionals’ questions and requests every day.

e-fitback in video

vidéo e-fitback

Currently used by patients and healthcare professionals, our e-fitback solution has been presented during several events like the FHP’s (French Private Hospitals Federation) Innovation Challenge. It has also been seen on national media like France 3.

Tv report on Channel France 3

e-fitback is enhancing the development of outpatient surgery as it is an interface between patients from their home and healthcare professionals.

e-fitback for your patients 

Patients are more committed in their care as they can complete their preadmission formalities from home, get better prepared thanks to interactive contents and stay in touch with healthcare teams after their hospitalization.



« According to the alerts, we call patients to understand what is going on. Most of the time, we explain to them what could possibly happen after a surgery, and we reassure them »

A nurse using e-fitback

endorsement e-fitback