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Is it possible to send a satisfaction questionnaire to patients via e-fitback?

e-fitback enables healthcare professionals to improve their patient care and to assess patient satisfaction at each stage in the medical journey with the help of questionnaires.

These satisfaction questionnaires are fully configurable (multiple choice questions, free text, scoring, etc.) and can also be personalized.


Can e-fitback be used for specialties or departments other than surgery?

e-fitback is a fully configurable tool that meets the demands of healthcare professionals across a wide range of specialties such as surgery, chronic diseases, psychiatry or even obstetrics.


If a healthcare establishment is already equipped with a solution to manage patient pre-admissions, can e-fitback still be used for its other features?  

e-fitback is a modular tool that adapts to a variety of contexts. The pre-admission, pre-hospitalization management and post-hospitalization follow-up modules can all be used independently or in conjunction with each other.


How does e-fitback cope with patients who are not familiar with new technology?

e-fitback has been designed to monitor all patients within an establishment or department. Any patients believed to be incapable of using e-fitback are automatically identified and are followed-up by medical staff in the traditional way over the phone.

Experience shows that nowadays the majority of patients are capable of answering the e-fitback follow-up questionnaires, either on their own or with help from a friend or family member.


Is e-fitback available for mobiles?  How is the app updated?

Nouveal provides patients with a mobile app for Android and iOS that is available for download from the Google Play store and the Apple store.  Our innovative design allows protocols to be instantly transmitted to the mobile app in a fully transparent fashion without us needing to publish an update on the stores.


Is the solution interoperable with the market’s existing administration management and patient record solutions?

e-fitback is HL7 and IHE PAM compliant, thereby guaranteeing its compatibility with existing administrative files and patient records.


What IT infrastructure does e-fitback require?

e-fitback is supplied to healthcare establishments as a rental software solution, or SaaS (Software as a Service). This ensures a rapid go-live, as no software needs to be installed on the server. All data is hosted by a certified hosting service provider (HSP) that is fully accredited to host personal healthcare data.


What kind of support does Nouveal offer new users when deploying the solution?

From needs definition to implementation and then getting used to the tool, healthcare professionals using e-fitback will always have one key point of contact – the Nouveal project manager. That same person will also run a training session once the solution has been implemented.

Intellectual property

How are the medical protocols written? Are they imposed?

Nouveal doesn’t produce any medical content, solely supplying its technological expertise. Each healthcare establishment is responsible for writing, implementing and updating its own medical protocols, of which it retains full ownership.


How secure is the data and media content shared via e-fitback?

The data is fully secure and stored by a certified hosting service provider (HSP) that is fully accredited to host personal healthcare data. Nouveal has developed innovative tools that allow the telephone’s camera function to be used without the photos being made visible to all in the telephone’s photo gallery. The photos remain stored in the app, and if the telephone is lost or stolen, there is no danger of anyone gaining access to the user’s personal data.