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Throwback to the Paris Healthcare Week 2017

Event News

27/07/2017 - Nouveal e-health

For its second participation in the Health IT Expo of the Paris Healthcare Week, Nouveal e-health saw the big picture by joining forces with partners, thus offering a care pathway entirely digitized for patients and healthcare professionals.

While in 2016 Nouveal e-health exhibited in the “Start-up village”, for this year’s Paris Healthcare Week the company actively participated in the iOS Corner organization. Indeed, initiated by Olivier de la Boulaye (from Health branch of Apple France), this ecosystem gathered various stakeholders and e-health solutions about patients’ care pathway.


iOS Corner Paris Healthcare

6 companies for a entirely digitized care pathway


The iOS Corner

This initiative called iOS Corner gathered 6 stakeholders:

  • DV Santé and its solution called Monali, which reinvents care organization and allows a better coordination between hospital and town medicine by connecting every healthcare professional of the patients’ care.
  • Check-ER and its app that geolocalizes the closest emergency services according to where you are, the healthcare center’s specialty and the waiting time. It also allows you to pre-register your arrival to reduce your waiting time there.
  • TokTokDoc and its telemedicine platform designed for Assisted Living Facilities  and home care organizations to offer medical teleconsultations to dependent elderly people.
  • Sylyca and its social security card reader that considerably reduces administrative paperwork for health insurers and their customers.
  • icanopée and its solution called Efficience which offers a secured and user-friendly Electronic Health Record according to healthcare center’s needs.
  • Nouveal e-health and e-fitback, its patient relationship management solution featuring online preadmission, prehospitalization preparation and posthospitalization follow-up.


A conference for a better care coordination thanks to e-health

“An initiative to digitize patients’, healthcare centers’ and town medicine’s relationships”. This was the subject discussed by Nouveal e-health, O. de la Boulaye and Anthony Barreau, anesthetist in Dax public hospitals. The goal of the conference was to demonstrate that, digitizing the care pathway and the relations it implies between its main actors is realistic and can be achieved in a secure and seamless way.

AGORA e-health Paris Healthcare

From left to right: Julien Jameau (Nouveal e-health), Olivier de la Boulaye (Apple), Anthony Barreau (Dax public hospitals).



Brand new features for e-fitback

Besides the iOS Corner, Nouveal e-health also presented in preview two of the latest features developed on e-fitback. The first one is that e-fitback is available on Apple TV, which allows medical teams to display a real-time overview of the patients follow-up on the screens of the healthcare center. The second is the e-fitback application dedicated to practitioners, with its own design and available on Apple Watch and iPhones, so they can better monitor patients that need it most.

e-fitback Paris Healthcare

New ambitions

In the end, the Paris Healthcare Week was the opportunity to offer a digitized vision of the care pathway to the e-health sector, by gathering complementary stakeholders for each step of this pathway. Now, Nouveal e-health is already looking forward the Paris Healthcare Week next edition in 2018, with new ambitions that will bring their lot of innovation in terms of services and features.


More information about the Paris Healthcare Week here

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Throwback to the Paris Healthcare Week 2017


For its second participation in the Health IT Expo of the Paris Healthcare Week, Nouveal e-health saw the big picture by joining forces with partners, thus offering...

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